Prom Season 2022

The adventure of prom season takes high schoolers on a journey to find the perfect prom dress. With so many social media platforms and groups online girls are finding their dresses quicker on a first come, first served mentality that no one else will buy the same gown. Now is the time to have Pinterest updated, market on social media, and even update your window displays early.

Make sure you have ready:

  1. Great Photo Lighting
  2. Full Length Mirrors
  3. A Variety of Colors & Sizes in Stock

It does not need to be an overwhelming journey for these girls but a fun experience most say they only do once in a lifetime. In fact, these girls could be future customers returning to your salon. They could be future brides, bridesmaids, or even coming back to your salon in search of a formal wear gown for a special occasion. Offer a fun and experiential environmental that these girls will cherish forever. Have a great communication system through online texting services where you can reach out to these girls and send them photos of products.  

Battling the online markets for prom is challenging, but how you market the experience you are going to offer will be how you get these girls off the phone and into the salon. This is their first ever dress buying experience. What can you offer that will make it memorable? Ideas to make it Instagramable is your first step to a get experience and marketing. Having available shoes or accessories will also help them see the full look. 

Fun ideas to add to the salon experience:

  • Create a Selfie Wall
  • Have a “Said YES” Prom Sign
  • Props
  • Repost their Photos

Making the journey personable is another great way to have other girls spread the word about your salon. Think about having a system where you help keep track of which gowns girls buy from each high school and create a policy where two girls can’t buy the same dress in the same color. These students will appreciate the fact others cannot buy the same exact dress and tell all her friends and classmates to come into the salon. Giving these girls confidence for the big night is also a big key in who they will buy with. 

Our prom lines offer a large variety of unique and traditional pieces that offer drama, romance, attitude, stylish, bold, sophisticated, elegant, and classic looks. Providing a large selection of silhouettes, colors, and sizes in stock will help you have all the necessary resources to help these girls find the perfect dress. We look forward to seeing these fashion forward looks, and designs tagged on our Instagram at @christinawuprom.