Trendiest Bridesmaid Colors of 2021

Choosing the best colors for your wedding day that complement each other can be a difficult task, especially when there will be a lot to plan with these colors. To help guide you pin-point the perfect palette, here are the top 3 trendiest bridesmaid dress colors.


Top 3 Trending Colors
Style 22028 & 22029

This dramatic and romantic color flatters all skin tones. With red-brown roots that sit between red and violet, it’s a great earthy shade that is sophisticated yet comfortable. The warm color is a great go-to for creating a pop of color in your bridal party.

Since marsala is a very powerful color, you have to find a color to balance it out. Pair it with light colors such as blush pink or peach. You can also never go wrong with neutrals, including gray and taupe.

Top 3 Trending Colors
Style 22887B

Slate Blue

It is a beautiful and unique color that is not too blue and not too gray. The color ranges from a light blue-gray to a very dark blue-gray. It looks gorgeous on everyone and is quite versatile. This fun color is the perfect choice for a luxe or whimsical wedding look.

Slate blue is very elegant and should be paired with colors that bring it out more. It is most compatible with white, off-white, pastel yellow, or rose. Light gray is also a solid choice.


Top 3 Trending Colors
Style 22026

With spring coming up, this is the perfect color that embodies the season. The name itself makes you think of a delightful spring day full of a nice breeze and hands holding a bouquet of flowers. This classic color brings in a sense of tranquility and softness to the wedding and will look fabulous on all bridesmaids.

Complement this garden color with neutral and earthy tones, or make it pop with a pastel pink. It is a soft, natural color that is easy to style.

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