Mother of the Bride: What to Expect

There is no training for the mother of the bride. So, here’s what to expect once the time comes for your daughter to walk down the aisle.

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The Engagement

Finding out that your daughter is engaged can leave you feeling excited, but also worried. Your daughter has found the one she wants to marry, and now there are a lot of preparations to be done. The time frame before the wedding could be one month to more than a year, but it seems like there is never enough time to make sure the big day is absolutely perfect.


It can definitely be overwhelming to help plan a whole wedding, but remember you are not alone in it. The easy part is making sure your daughter has a general theme and color scheme in mind. The hard part is putting all of those ideas together and following through with it until the end. There will obviously be a lot of changes and going back and forth between ideas but try to not overload yourself or your daughter.

It’s common to get caught up in planning and almost try to make it how you want it to be. Just remember this is all for your daughter. Follow up on what she has planned on her special day. It’s fine to give your opinions on certain things, but make sure it’s what she wanted and not what you, the mother of the bride, wanted. When all is said and done, you both will feel overjoyed about everything that has been accomplished and it will be worth it when you see her walk down the aisle towards her soulmate. She did this.

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Shopping for the Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping could be the most exhilarating part of the days leading up to the wedding. Your daughter may already have an idea of her dress in mind, so she may think walking into a bridal shop would be quick and simple. Your daughter could go through many dresses and not even find the one on the first day of shopping, or it could even be the very first dress she tries on. After arriving at the shop, you and her entourage sit down while she looks through the racks of dresses with the consultant. Watching her come out of the fitting room in each dress like a fashion show can start to make you emotional. However, when she starts crying, that’s when you know she has found her dress. That’s when it all settles in. This is real. Your daughter is really going down the aisle soon!

The Wedding

The day of the wedding approaches quicker than you expected. Your heart is beating fast because you want to make everything perfect – not only for your daughter, but also for everyone else who is attending. You want it to be a happy and fabulous day. You’re helping your daughter get ready and do any last-minute changes that may occur. As the mother of the bride, it’s important to be calm and be there for your daughter in case she starts to feel nervous.

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Suddenly, it’s time for the wedding to start. The music starts playing, the bridal party is starting to walk down the aisle to prep everyone for the bride. Everything is going to plan and there’s nothing that can stop it. Everyone in the wedding – from the entourage to the guests – are all smiling with excitement. You watch your daughter gracefully make her way down to where her soulmate is standing, and your eyes light up with love and probably tears. You feel incredibly blessed.

All too soon the wedding is over, but luckily there’s still the reception. Everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves. From start to finish, there is endless happiness. It makes you feel even prouder that everything you’ve accomplished for this day has paid off. You’re going to go home and not have the smile leave your face. This is something that you have been planning for a while for your daughter, and to see it brought to life is overwhelming.

Even though your daughter is now married, you’re still her mother and she’s still your daughter. She’ll still come to you with her worries, and you’ll make sure she’s OK. She will always be your little girl, no matter what.

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