A Christina Wu Bride’s Desert Wedding of Her Dreams

Not all Vegas weddings are full of neon lights and Elvis. Sometimes it’s simply sand and BBQ.


After building their lives together for the past few years, Isa and Fernando were overwhelmed by the idea of planning an over-the-top wedding, especially by the time 2020 hit. However, the one thing the couple knew was that they wanted a memorable adventure for such an important occasion no matter what was happening around them.

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They are introverted extroverts, and they value the times they spend together when it’s just them. They vowed to make sure their wedding was focused on their commitment to each other. Isa and Fernando decided to go back to one of their favorite places–Las Vegas. Immediately people thought of the location being too cheesy, but the couple promised it would be an experience far past the neon lights of Vegas.


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After attending a bridal show in February 2020 with her fiancé, Isa had found an amazing store that she knew she wanted to make her bridal appointment at. Before leaving the bridal show, she went back to Brilliant Bridal and scheduled an appointment for April. Unfortunately when March hit, the world locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The consultation at Brilliant Bridal got rescheduled multiple time throughout April and May, but Isa eventually took a leap of faith and made an appointment with Taylor for May 22. With the new COVID-style shopping with hand sanitizers and masks, it was a little intense for someone who had been working at home for two and a half months. However, the second she stepped into the store and heard Taylor’s voice, she was instantly calmed and overjoyed to finally be able to look for her dress.

The two of them began to look through the plethora of dresses. None of what they had found sparked any interest in Isa–everything was either too lacy, too sparkly, or not enough. She wanted a lace dress with sleeves that would allow her the freedom of walking through dirt and climbing on rocks during her desert elopement. They grabbed three initial dresses, but one specific dress had caught her eye. She had never seen anything like that Christina Wu dress before, so she asked Taylor to grab the dress.

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After trying on the three initial dresses, Isa decided to put on the Christina Wu dress. Shortly she was filled with worry, but then love. It was not the sleeved dress she had imagined while on Pinterest for hours, but it just felt perfect. She kept trying on more dresses to make sure none of the others triggered the same emotions as the other dress. Ten dresses later, Isa tried on the one again.

Taylor helped her slip into the Christina Wu dress and asked her to step out in front of the big mirror. She slipped a veil on her head and Isa just knew. The vibe was perfect. She planned on wearing a hat versus a veil and felt it was perfect with the white studded cowgirl booties she had. The beading along with the straps made her feel beautiful. She couldn’t wait for her soon-to-be husband to see it since it was the complete opposite of what she thought she wanted. She FaceTimed her mom and told her, “I am buying this today. This is THE ONE.”

“I DO” 

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On the morning of their elopement, Isa and Fernando got ready at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. To ensure that their closest friends and family did not miss out on all the fun, they asked some of them to help them get ready and shake off those pre-wedding jitters–especially since the wedding would be just the couple. After getting ready, they went down to the limo where they headed out to meet their officiant at The Valley of Fire’s Gold Ridge.

The couple chose to do traditional vows, followed by personal vows they wrote to each other. Their officiant read Corinthians and prayed over the couple before they ended the ceremony by collecting sand beneath their feet to fill their custom necklaces.

After they said, “I do,” the happy couple enjoyed a charcuterie board and, of course, cut their cake. Following the celebrations, they ventured through Gold Ridge and Rainbow Vista, and finally ended the night dancing under the desert stars.

It was their best adventure yet!


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Isa and Fernando both shared another love in life–FOOD! Because of their love of food, they made sure to plan dinner at their favorite BBQ spot in Las Vegas. They rented a private patio overlooking The Linq Promenade at Virgil’s BBQ for their closest 17 friends and family members to enjoy! They knew a private and outdoor location would be the most comfortable way to celebrate during the pandemic.

The dinner was a huge success! Everyone loved the spread of food and relished in each other’s company. After dinner, the happy couple played the Shoe Game since they had both missed out on showers with COVID-19. Their Matron of Honor led the game of questions–it was hilarious, to say the least.

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It’s perplexing to think that what started as a wedding of 50 people ended up coming down to just Isa and Fernando. They had even changed the entire theme to fit them! If you were to ask the couple, “Looking back, would you change anything?” both would tell you it was perfect and everything they could have asked for. They did not skimp on the small details and they truly got to focus on them and their commitment to each other. They will always remember the details, the moments, and the small memories–something they will forever be fortunate for.

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