Content Tips & Tricks

Getting Your Content to a National Level! 

Our goal is to help your store get noticed on a national level. Smart phones these days are just as good as professional cameras. With good lighting and angles we would love to help your photos get posted and shared throughout the nation, not just locally. Working on your social media photos will drive traffic to your account and helps you stand out.  

Easy and simple ways to send us your social media content: 

  1. Tag us on social media and send us a private message on Instagram. 
  1. Send an email to, be sure to give dress and store details. 

An obvious and safe approach for local social media marketing are mirror selfies. A new way to get noticed would be more bold and unique styled shoots or fun and trendy holiday shoots. If you would like your holiday content posted, plan and send your holiday content to the marketing department at least a month before. Don’t be afraid to send multiple photos in hopes to get a multi-image slideshow post shared by our followers.  

Examples that are Cost Effective: 

  1. The simplest “Summer is Coming” candid shoot with a pair of sunglasses and a couple beach balls. 
  1. Valentine’s Day theme close up of the bodice with a couple pink balloons in the backdrop and some fake rose petals falling like confetti. 
  1. Angling your train shot with standing on a step stool aiming your camera downwards like an aerial shot. 

Ways to achieve unique styled shoots are props and accessories. Purchasing a One Ring Selfie Light is for sure your best investment yet. Holiday props from the Dollar Store, Five Below or the Target five dollar section are cost effective, looking for bridal confetti or accessories at the clearance section of Marshal’s or TJ Max is always a great treasure find, or even the convenient way to order online from Amazon. 

Incentives and photo contests are great ways to get your employees involved in some free marketing. Ask them to host their own photoshoot with a Christina Wu gown and post on their page promoting your store. The photo that gets the most likes and the photo that is most unique wins a prize. You are more likely to grab the brides attention with real brides or stylists trying on the gowns. Engagement is key with grabbing the attention of your audience.  

Video Prompts are a great way to use unique and mesmerizing language to sell the gown in the areas of educational or promotional purposes. Hook your audience with exciting information. Do you want to talk about different types of material or silhouettes? Do you want to talk about your services? Bridal shopping tips? Brides value their experiences. The more fun you are having the better engagement will be on your social media platforms. If you are not sure where to begin, start with polls or feedback from brides on your stories to get inspiration.  

The marketing department at House of Wu is available for Zoom meetings that can help teach you one-on-one tips and tricks on in store photo sessions with your staff. From angling the photos down to promotional wording we are here to guide you in anyway. We have research on best social media platforms, reaching specific audiences, and marketing techniques we’d love to share. Social media platforms that we would love to share your content is on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.