Your Future Prom Dress #PROM2K18

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   What trend direction will you be going in for #Prom2K18 ?

  • Thin Straps
  • Extra Texture
  • Detailed Beading
  • Mermaid Style
  • Velvet Fabric

It is never too early to start answering yourself some questions of what trend is going to catch your eye for the perfect prom dress. It is a great idea to start thinking ahead and reflect on your personal style and tastes when dress brainstorming. Have a look into the latest trends and the dresses that were designed with your dream dress and night in mind.

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Thin Straps:

    Fitted, Mermaid, or A-Line, thin straps can be incorporated in a number of style dresses. They give the dress a feminine and delicate look to compliment a stunning dress!




Tiffany Designs style 16280


Studio 17 prom style 12700

Extra Texture:  Florals, sparkles, and beads can be picture perfect for your next prom dress. A dress that has texture makes it uniquely stand out, and embellishes it in the most eye catching way!

Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style 16300

Studio17-Prom-Style 12674
Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style 16263


Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style 16299



Detailed Beading:

What’s not to love about a dress that is covered in detailed beading? It is elegant, sparkly, and stylized. Whether it is head-to-toe beading or just the bodice area, choosing this trend for your prom dress won’t be a mistake!



Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style 16262

Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style 16285


            Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style 16293



Looking to flaunt those beautiful curves?! A mermaid style dress will leave the audience breathless. This silhouette works for so many girls and makes them feel as amazing as they look!




Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style16307





Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style16272



Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style16268 

Velvet was a trending fabric in the 90’s but it definitely didn’t look this good! As designers  continue to look to the 90’s for inspiration, velvet might be the best one yet. The way it hugs the body, its glamorous sheen, and the way it looks with beading and detail makes this trend so hot!






Tiffany Designs-Prom-Style16301