Which flower color scheme are you FALL-ing for this season?


FALL IS IN FULL FORCE! While you are scrolling through your time-line seeing all your peeps post photos of weddings they are in, what is catching your eye for flower color schemes? Are you loving the true fall colors such as reds, oranges and yellows? Or are the soft color pallets like blush pink, light blue and shades of gray more for your bridal party?

There are so many ways the color combinations can compliment each other perfectly to match your dream wedding day aesthetic. The bridesmaids dresses can be the main color while the bouquets can have the pop of whatever the other color you are using is. Also, those colors can be incorporated into the center pieces, seating arrangements, and dessert. Having repetition of the same color scheme will keep everything flowing and pleasing to the eye!

Starting with what color flowers you are loving will give all the other, ” what color should we do for this?” questions be a breeze!


Claret Red and Yellow


 True Red and Coral Pink

Blush Pink and Light Gray


Hunter Green and Ivory



  Slate Blue and Mahogany



 Navy Blue and Burnt Orange



Lilac Purple and Walnut