As you are overwhelmed with excitement about your recent engagement, to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams organization is going to be key! Starting off with a clear vision of your day and a well thought out plan will help prevent you from becoming a BRIDEZILLA (well, maybe). We know how important a Brides wedding day is, so we want to give you a few helpful hints before you start your dress shopping!

First things first…

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Before you start falling in love with small details that cost more than the wedding itself, set realistic boundaries for yourself. How much are you looking to spend in total, and a breakdown of what you will be spending money on.


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Do you come from a family that thinks the bigger the better, or is a small circle wedding in your vision? Figuring out the size of your wedding out will help to figure out all the other plans so you know “how many” to buy for. This could also mean, how many people will be at the ceremony and how many people will you want at the reception.


Part of knowing your spending limit and amount of people, will lead you into deciding where you are going to have your special day. Indoor or outdoor? Fancy or rustic? Classic or trendy? So many questions! This is a great time to do research on places, read reviews, and ask people about location experiences. Prior knowledge on a place doesn’t hurt to know and it will give you more of an idea of what to expect.


Next on the list comes the style of your wedding. What is your theme? What types of things do you like or define you? What are the things that people would look at and say, “this is so them?” The style of your wedding is a compromise between you and your fiancé. You want it to be reflective of who you two are as a couple, and your tastes in things collectively!


Winter, Spring, Summer, or fall, all you have to do is… PICK! This is another important first decision because some seasons are more popular than others when it comes to travel, venues, availability, and overall pricing. This decision will play a big role in your wedding day as well as deciding the time of day. Once you have the times figured out you can start planning everything before, after, and during your wedding!

The most exciting part comes next:

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