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House of Wu Swatch Cards for Christina Wu Celebration Label

Please find below a complete image guide to our Christina Wu Celebration swatch cards (there are three different types: Satin/Chiffon, Lace/Sequin and Taffeta).

Our designs within Christina Wu Celebration can be made in any of our colors seen on these swatch cards. Brides can create a beautiful monochromatic toned bridal party or be creative and choose a mix and match color palette for her big day.

**Please note that the images below may not accurately reflect the fabric color due to lighting and photography. It is our recommendation to visit an authorized retailer near you to see our swatch cards and ask an expert for any advice in planning the day or your dreams.


Christina Wu Occasions Satin Swatch Card  Christina Wu Occasions Satin 2



Christina Wu Occasions Lace/Sequin  Christina Wu Occasions Lace/Sequin



Christina Wu Occasions Taffeta  Christina Wu Occasions Taffeta






Beaded Banding Colors  



What an incredible Spring 2017 season! All of your success with these great gowns will continue, growing with the discontinued savings you will reap as we parade triumphantly into Fall 2017.


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To download the Fall 2017 images, please click over the link below and download the images from our Dropbox.


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 Styles for Your Silhouette

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It’s Time to Say Goodbye so You Can Say “Good Buy!”


It’s that time of year, when we ring in the new: New year, new stock, and new opportunities for you to save. Twice a year we say, “So long” to certain styles, to make room for our new designs! What that means for you is great savings on selected styles from all our bridal, prom and Quinceanera collections. So while we’re saying goodbye, you can say “Good buy!” For our complete listing of discontinued styles please download our PDF file. 

Download the Discontinued Styles List.


House of Wu Articles for Retailers



A Trunk Show Love Story by House of Wu

Have you ever thought about how hosting a trunk show is similar to finding that one true love?  At the House of Wu, we have some dating advice on how to help you through the courtship and get you to the proposal. Let us take you through the stages …

Looking for Love

Market yourself by going where the people are. That sounds simplistic, but to get a “date,” one needs to know that you are available and that an opportunity exists.

  • Create a flyer and use quality images to highlight the trunk show collection being featured. Work with nearby partners to help with your distribution. Ask the local florist, caterer, party rental companies if you can leave the flyer in their stores. Don’t forget to advertise in–house and post the flyer in your store window at least three weeks leading up to the show.
  • Email your brides-to-be and former brides. Use your registration list to help spread the word. You can use the same flyer; just reduce its size so it is easy to manage through email. Grow your prospect list by purchasing one from The Knot, Wedding Wire or any other bridal publication. The lists are not as expensive as you think and this will help build a targeted audience.
  • Send a press release to your local paper, and check online to see if there is a calendar of upcoming events, such as, you can take advantage of to help advertise.
  • Place a banner ad on the home page of your website and in your calendar of events, if you have one. The home page is your “landing page,” your first impression. Don’t bury the news. Consider giving your in-store events more face time on the page that has the largest traffic.
  • Get out there socially. If you have a Facebook don’t just tell your fans, show them! Feature the label leading up to the event date in your status updates. If you are featuring one label, don’t spend the week highlighting another. Create an invite on Facebook and invite your fans. If you make it public you may draw more attention too. You can also boost a post with the details of the event and select a demographic that makes sense for a mere $30.  This will help grow the “paid reach” over your “organic reach” by the thousands. Do this tactic three days out from the date.

Dress for the Occasion

You’ve put yourself out there, now you have your date. Remember you want to dress to impress.

  • Leading up to the trunk show date, be sure your staff pulls the entire inventory of that collection. This will create more efficiency during the show and ensure that every style you have purchased is represented during the event.
  • Set the scene. Work with your local florist and have them create bouquets to place around the store. Another nice touch is to have the florist donate long stem roses for the event. Give them to the bride-to-be with their receipts. You can also partner with the local cake shop or caterer. Serving beverages, wine and cheese or even cake bites can make a more festive atmosphere. You don’t want your dates to go hungry. Trunk shows are also great opportunities to help build business partnerships for cross marketing and for networking long term.
  • Put a guest book out before the show. Capture guest names, phone numbers, email addresses of those who attend. This will be a great resource for future shows and help build your mailing list for future news about your store.
  • Place small white boards outside each dressing room. This will help you and other staff members call your brides by their first name. How embarrassing to forget names on your first date. You can be a little creative and make it personal here too, consider putting her fiancé’s name on the board or their wedding date. This will trigger conversation.

The Date and First Impression

The date of your event has finally arrived. Let’s admit it … you’re a bit nervous. But, you look good and now you need to make a good impression.

  • Wear a nametag. Your brides are on a mission and so are you. They want to find the perfect dress for the day of their dreams and you want to sell it to them. By wearing a nametag it’s an easy reminder for them to know who they are working with during the event.
  • Greet each guest with genuine enthusiasm. Smile, make eye contact, and be infectious. This is an exciting, yet stressful time. Your warmth and interest will help set the tone.
  • Have them tell you their story. This is a great way to ascertain information about each bride. Has she tried on other gowns? Maybe she’s a perpetual shopper, or first time shopper. What styles has she tried on before? Is there a fabric and style that she has her heart set on?

The Courtship

This is that “in-between” stage. The trick in this stage is to take the pressure off the future and enjoy getting to know each other, while also understanding that she is evaluating your future together.

  • Assign a number, based on the time allotted for the appointment, to each guest. Hand each a tag or wedding-inspired clip so she knows how many gowns she can pull from the floor to try on. It will eliminate her bringing 20 gowns back to the dressing room to continually try on and raising that overall frustration in not finding “the one.”
  • By limiting the gowns she brings back, this will also open up the opportunity for you to assist her. Use the information you gathered about her vision during the first impression stage to show your knowledge about the dresses and the collection.

The Proposal and Saying “Yes” to the Dress

Good news, you’ve completed the four stages. You’ve built a foundation for your relationship on knowledge, trust and honesty. Now that you’ve spent the time getting to know your customer, she is able to make the choice to commit to you.

  • During the courtship, you should have thirty percent of your time left to close the sale. Too often, when a customer has spent all her appointment time trying on dress after dress, there is simply no time left for you to make your proposal and close the sale.
  • She trusts you as an expert. By focusing on what the collection offers her (fabric, style, fitting, delivery) and getting to know her, you’ve taken the pressure off. She can naturally relax. She sees you as reliable consultant who doesn’t simply have an agenda to just sell her any dress, but rather a consultant who genuinely wants to help her look her best on her special day. 
  • When she says “yes” to the dress have a cue that signifies her commitment. This can be as simple as a download of the “Wedding March” on a cell phone that you play or wedding bells. It will be very unexpected and create excitement throughout the room, while at the same time, raise awareness amongst your other customers that someone has found her “one true love.”
  • Don’t forget to give her the long stem rose from your florist to accompany her receipt.


Now is the time to say best wishes from the House of Wu … If you are interested in setting up a Christina Wu trunk show, please speak with your sales representative or call our customer service team at 1-800-732-8077.